CE #9: Shaders

“follow along the tutorial presented in ch. 7 called ‘textures and uvs for the red wagon’ in introducing autodesk maya 2014 book (derakhshani)” 4 Blinn shaders & assigned them to the appropriate objects/faces: Red Blue White Black Created 1 Blinn shader, similar to the Black one (tireShader) Mapped a ramp texture (wheelPositionRamp) to the White […]


CE #8: Screw

“model a screw using deformers” Tool Description Twist Deformer On the cube to create the helix around the base cylinder Flare Deformer To get the point at the end – applied to both cube and cylinder Group/Combine Combined/grouped the twisted cube and base cylinder Interactive Split Tool Create extra edges for the cross at the […]


CE #7: Locomotive Detail

“follow along the tutorial presented in ch. 5 called ‘a locomotive detail’ in introducing autodesk maya 2014 book” Tool Description Attach Surfaces Create the smooth effects between cylinders and caps Deattach Surfaces Remove surfaces from the cylinders and to help create the tangecy between the cylinders and their caps Loft Between cylinders and between the […]