Final Render

Proj #3: Advanced Raytracer

“Extend the previous ray tracer to include special features.” Mandatory Features Implemented: Antialiasing Reflection Refraction Arbitrary Features Implemented: Dynamic Aspect Ratio Gloss Translucency Final Render: 9 samples of antialiasing 15 samples for gloss and translucency Max depth at 5 Renders During Various Stages of Testing:


Proj #1: Image Compositing

“Use Nuke to create three separate composited images: live-action foreground on live-action background, computer-generated foreground on live-action background, and live-action foreground on computer-generated background.” Final Images: Part 1: Live on Live Idea: I just really wanted to do something with Godzilla Domo-kun and my friend’s knitted octopus. A nod to kaiju films…except cuter.  At one […]

Lilo Final (w/ Dress)

Final Project: Lilo Model

“Create a short animation lasting 15-30 seconds. You need to choose a focus: modeling and shading, character animation, facial animation, or dynamics. For a focus in animation or dynamics you can use any of our previous models, the ones on the class website, or create your own. You must light and render everything.” MB File […]