Proj #6 Cover

Proj #6: Advanced Rendering

“For this assignment, you will texture the “Challenge #19: The King’s Treasure” scene from the challenge website (” Final Image: Concept: I really only had one idea, and that was to have it with lighting like it was sunsetting. Everything else was just kind of decided along the way. Oh, wait. Shiny stuff. I […]


Proj #5: Surfacing

“For this assignment, you will texture the “Challenge #1: Fruit Bowl” scene from the challenge website (” Final Images: Reference Images: I really wanted it to be in the dark/during the night, with a fog light shining on the bowl of fruit. Textures: Problems Encountered (and regretted): With lighting, I had to compromise. I […]

Project 3: Tracking

Proj #3: Tracking

“Use Nuke to create composited image sequences using combinations of live footage and computer-generated elements; with stabilization, tracking, and matchmoving.” Final Videos: Part 1: Stabilization Part 2: Tracking Part 3: MatchMoving Part 1: Stabilization Main Idea: Stabilize a given clip (shakey subway clip) Tracking Data/Node Tree: Final Image: Comments: I didn’t really have difficult time […]


Proj #4: Basic Lighting and Surfacing

“For this assignment, you will light and surface a simple Maya scene containing a stylus on a table top.” Final Images: Reference Image: Textures: Problems Encountered: Renders were darker than what was in the render preview. I changed settings around to follow a linear workflow. Textures were changed to work with the linear workflow otherwise […]