CpSc8150 – Compositing

Project 3: Tracking

Proj #3: Tracking

“Use Nuke to create composited image sequences using combinations of live footage and computer-generated elements; with stabilization, tracking, and matchmoving.” Final Videos: Part 1: Stabilization Part 2: Tracking Part 3: MatchMoving Part 1: Stabilization Main Idea: Stabilize a given clip (shakey subway clip) Tracking Data/Node Tree: Final Image: Comments: I didn’t really have difficult time […]


Proj #1: Image Compositing

“Use Nuke to create three separate composited images: live-action foreground on live-action background, computer-generated foreground on live-action background, and live-action foreground on computer-generated background.” Final Images: Part 1: Live on Live Idea: I just really wanted to do something with Godzilla Domo-kun and my friend’s knitted octopus. A nod to kaiju films…except cuter.  At one […]