CpSc8070 – 3D Modeling & Anim.

Lilo Final (w/ Dress)

Final Project: Lilo Model

“Create a short animation lasting 15-30 seconds. You need to choose a focus: modeling and shading, character animation, facial animation, or dynamics. For a focus in animation or dynamics you can use any of our previous models, the ones on the class website, or create your own. You must light and render everything.” MB File […]


Proj #3: Fun with Portals!

“Create an animation of a unicycle lasting 10-20 seconds.” Scene MB File Original Cameras [AVI] Stationary Camera (for reference) [AVI]   AnticipationMostly at the beginning, where the unicycle moves back then forwards The Idea I….like Portal? I don’t actually remember why or how I even decided that the theme would be portal. I guess I […]