Lighting Journal #40 – Telltale, The Wolf Among Us

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The Wolf Among Us is Telltale’s adaptation of DC’s Fables. The previous post was about the lighting in Telltale’s adaptation of The Walking Dead, which is very good given its restrictions, but I think TWAU took it to a new level.

I think it’s primarily because TWAU exists in a world full of fairy tale characters. Not only that, but it tended to vary – exploring the good parts and bad parts of a city with electricity so there was no need to stick with the realistic lighting that it had to in TWD.  Telltale got to explore with more outlandish colors – the neon shades for the shady parts of town, the rich warm reds/yellows for indoor settings, and the cool/greens for other settings.

Honestly, the screenshots don’t do much justice as the game is packed with 4-5 hours worth of gameplay, where the audience is exposed to all sorts of lighting decisions meant to enhance the story (there was one scene I remember in particular: a dark room with a TV as the main source of light that was constantly changing the feel of the room due to the color shifts). But I do really love how, in the screenshots above, Telltale employs the use of primarily a single light source (visible or not) that gets carried by the characters which in turn enhances the mood as well as draw the audience’s attention.