Lighting Journal #38 – Big Hero 6, San Fransokyo

bh6_lj_6bh6_lj_5 BIG HERO 6

The other part of the movie is the city. It is incredibly gorgeous, and the lighting is what made it that way.

While the day scene is absolutely beautiful because it showed you the city in all of its glorious little details, the night scene was even better. The choice of colors, the choice of light placement, and the choice to have the fog mix and carry the colors made it truly stand out. You knew it was a city but also knew it wasn’t really a city, and the lighting conveyed that. Not only that, but you had the cooler colors framing the warmer colors in the center – the lights guided your eyes.

And the sunset scene, well…it’s breathtaking. The sunset had its colors based off reality, but it’s still so very surrealistic.