Lighting Journal #37 – Big Hero 6, Baymax


The lighting in BH6 is amazing, and is all thanks to the fact that Disney spent 2 years creating a light renderer dubbed as Hyperion.

The main issue is how light is supposed to interact with the material Baymax is made out of, this big inflatable (and huggable) robot. It’s incredibly awesome to see how they manage to simulate how light should interact with that material – bouncing inside of him and maintaining the transparent glow. Even in Baymax’s shadow, you can see how light is still being carried through so that its shadow was not purely dark but had hints of lighter areas where light would have passed through more of his body. And it’s also amazing when he glows.

Whether people were aware of it or not, it really helped make the movie and made the cinematography that much stronger. Kind of like what was mentioned in class – light is meant to be felt and enhance all other elements of stage. This is what it did for Big Hero 6.