Light Journal #4 – A Rose-Colored World

When getting pictures of the inside of your eyes, the technician will use a filter to help brighten the photographs. Up close, it seems like an ordinary bright (yellow or green) light as big as you can see. But when you pull back to look around, everything is a shade of red or fuchsia.

It’s honestly quite a disorienting experience to have everything and anything be a tint of red, even when your brain is informing you that it’s not real. And the lights, the typical fluorescent lights had a tint of yellow. Some details of the items around me were lost from being tinted, and everything was just so surreal. I imagine it’s the same feeling I would have if I watched a performance that were using loud colors to overpower/wash out the stage of any neutral light, except, I could always look away and see everything the way they normally look to me.