Proj #6: Advanced Rendering

“For this assignment, you will texture the “Challenge #19: The King’s Treasure” scene from the challenge website (”

Final Image:

Final Composite - Fixed


I really only had one idea, and that was to have it with lighting like it was sunsetting. Everything else was just kind of decided along the way. Oh, wait. Shiny stuff. I wanted a lot of shiny things.


Problems Encountered (and complaints):

  • Mari kept crashing/freezing on an error I couldn’t debug when I tried to open multiple OBJ files. I just kind of gave up after awhile.
  • Depth pass never turned out right; eventually I got a proper depth pass from creating a new layer, setting the preset to Luminance Depth, and using that render instead of the Mental Ray’s Z-Depth/Depth pass.
  • Caustics are not my friend.
  • Neither are models from the 3D Render Challenge site. Too many normals were inverted or didn’t look right no matter what I did (hence I trashed a few polygons on the crown).
  • The poor models also resulted in weird black/white pixel artifacts. At least I think that the was the cause. They were minor enough that I could go into Nuke/Photoshop to cover them up. However, they did limit my depth of field blur in Nuke.
  • In hindsight, I probably should have trashed the stuff I blurred in the bottom right instead of keeping them.

Final w/o DOF:

Final Composite - Fixed (No DOF)




Some textures incorporated textures found in the following sites: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7.