Proj #5: Surfacing

“For this assignment, you will texture the “Challenge #1: Fruit Bowl” scene from the challenge website (”

Final Images:

Final W/ Fog Light
Final w/o Fog Light

Reference Images:

I really wanted it to be in the dark/during the night, with a fog light shining on the bowl of fruit.


Problems Encountered (and regretted):

  • With lighting, I had to compromise. I couldn’t make the light too intense with the fog without losing the details in textures. I had to pull back by making 2 lights. One being the keylight that’s working on everything, the other is a diffuse-only fog light in the same spot aimed at the same point that’s only working on the fruit/plate (not the sheet/background).  It added a subtle enough effect that I was happy with it, though, in hindsight, I should have made it white instead of colored. It probably made it look a little less real…but, it might have been my choice in texture too. I didn’t really check to see how the fog light would have looked if it illuminated as well. Which might have looked even better.
  • Because the lighting scheme was meant to be dark, there was less opportunity for me to really show off sub-surface scattering. It’s there, just not over the top.
  • I struggled a lot with the UV unwrapping. I probably should have looked over more tutorials to see conventional ways of unwrapping, but for this time, I just stuck with it. I hope King’s Treasure models are not as bad as these.
  • I regret not really going into detail by having specular and bump maps specific to each texture. I think once I attempt to use Mari or more of Mudbox, this would be less of an issue. Time constraints kept me from exploring either option fully.
  • Apple and cherries are too perfect. They could have used an increase in either the bump map or tweaking in the sub-surface scattering options.
  • I was halfway regular grapes, halfway muscadine grapes. I switched gears midway which made the grapes a little awkward.
  • Creating depth of field was probably better if I had rendered a depth pass and applied it that way, instead of using Maya’s camera depth of field option.

Finals w/ Depth Of Field:

Final w/ Fog Light DOF

Final w/o Fog Light DOF



Pear and Grape incorporated textures from Seamless Pixels. Plum texture incorporated elements from RockGem’s DA Stock Texture. Use of texture (and the texture, albeit color modified) for having streaks with the fog light is from this tutorial.