Proj #4: Compositing Render Passes

For this project, you will use Nuke to composite multiple render passes of a computer animation to create a single complete shot.

Final Video:

Tree Node:

Proj 4, CpSc 815, Nuke Node Tree

Final Image:

Proj 4, CpSc815, Final Image


  • The bill pass was used to color correct the duck’s bill to be more gold/orange.
  • The inner mouth pass was used to correct the ambient occlusion pass so that the inside of the mouth would be slightly brighter.
  • Various elements were color corrected (i.e., claw, background tile).
  • Steam pass was shuffled to switch the RGB channels with the alpha and was offsetted by -100 in order to have steam that already covered the whole scene.


Render passes used were from a former DPA production called, “The Water is Always Bluer…”