Proj #4: Basic Lighting and Surfacing

“For this assignment, you will light and surface a simple Maya scene containing a stylus on a table top.”

Final Images:

Wacom + Totoro
Plaid + Wacom

Reference Image:

Wacom Reference


Problems Encountered:

  • Renders were darker than what was in the render preview. I changed settings around to follow a linear workflow.
  • Textures were changed to work with the linear workflow otherwise some materials would look blown out.
  • Some materials were too specular/reflective; it was kind of difficult to find the right balance of the material’s diffuse, specular roll off, eccentricity, and reflectivity.
  • Getting lighting to look decent – fiddling with falloff and intensity, as well as positioning.
  • Banding occurred in the final renders but I couldn’t eliminate it completely.
  • Due to the lighting and the material of the button, it’s hard to see the fingerprints on it. It is just a small detail though.



Totoro mousepad image (google search), modified to fit the table. Plaid texture (google search), modified to tile. Wacom pen is a product of Wacom.