Proj #1: Image Compositing

“Use Nuke to create three separate composited images: live-action foreground on live-action background, computer-generated foreground on live-action background, and live-action foreground on computer-generated background.”

Final Images:

Part 1: Live on Live

Idea: I just really wanted to do something with Godzilla Domo-kun and my friend’s knitted octopus. A nod to kaiju films…except cuter.  At one point, I was considering posing them on the husky and Mameshiba.

I own cute things, okay?




Matte/Tree Node:



Final Image:


Comments: So, it’s an awful idea to try and take a blue-screen picture outside, in the wind, by yourself. The sheet wasn’t even, the stuffed animals were obviously too close, AND the octopus is part blue. This was kind of rough since I couldn’t use a green screen thanks to Domo-kun, but a blue-screen made creating the matte for the octopus difficult. I decided Domo-kun was more important, so, if needed, I would have just cropped out the octopus. I did eventually cheat and did a post-edit in Photoshop. There was still a bit of a blue spill on Domo-kun that I tried to neutralize after Nuke. It was really minor, and it was just an easier fix in PS than in Nuke.

Part 2: CG on Live

Idea: Nintendo’s AR cards were the second thing that came to mind. I’ll skip over the first idea; it’ll probably manifest in a later project. I wanted to do one based off of Spirit Camera’s AR booklet…but I didn’t have the time to model anything too complex…so, I picked the “?” AR card that comes default with the console.


Originals: The “?” box was modeled in Maya.



Tree Node: I didn’t have to create a matte for the box, and I fudged the shadows in Nuke.


Final Image:


Comments: I should have honestly put a die or some cuboid object on top so I’d have a better idea on what the perspective should have looked like, as well as shadows. Hindsight is 20/20. So yes, the hardest part was the box’s perspective and the shadows.

Part 3: Live on CG

Idea: My friend was supposed to dress up as Etna from Disgaea, and we were supposed to do a photoshoot. Unfortunately, she got sick the weekend of, so I opted to use the husky instead. Basic idea was supposed to be the dog howling in front of a moon backdrop. Then I realized, the husky’s photo was way too bright, and I couldn’t really setup that scene with proper lighting. And with my not-so-great camera, the original image would have been way too noisy. So, it became the husky in the woods of some sort.

wolf howl, moon, silhouette, full moon 159922

Originals: The backdrop consisted of a simple landscape covered in snow done in Maya, merged unto an image of trees and snow using Photoshop.





Matte/Tree Node:



Final Image:


Comments: Because this was taken indoors, the screen wasn’t flying around which made it easier to key out.  It was on purpose that a lot of the details on the husky was being pulled from the background rather than the plush itself. Kind of wanted to make it look more frozen/cold.

Previous Versions…

Because they were that bad and make for good comparisons. I learned. Sort of.