Proj #4: Gotta Catch ’em All

“Create an animation of a humanoid using a custom rig and lasting 10-20 seconds.”
Scene MB File Alien w/ Rig Only MB File AVI File


The Idea
Originally, I wanted to have the alien wake up trapped in a windowless room with a big do-not-press red button and a swinging light bulb as the only light source. That didn’t pan out so well due to time constraints.I mulled it over and decided to just have him relaxing when a pokeball comes flying out of nowhere and captures him.
The Alien
For some reason, I felt that the alien should look scaly, like a reptile. So I used a chameleon-based texture for its skin. It seemed fitting, since he would be relaxing at a beach-like scenery.
The Setting
Additional objects were free to use OBJ files: palm trees, chair, and pokeball. Mental ray’s physical sun and sky were used to provide the lighting and background.
The Rig
I followed along a tutorial to setup the joints. It was particularly useful for getting the foot roll rigged (but unfortunately never used in the animation).
Inverse Kinematics were primarily the arms, legs, and the head’s tail. Forward Kinematics for the spine. Controls were first setup on the right side and then mirrored. Extra keyable attributes were added for the foot roll, bending/unbending of the fingers, and shifting the toes around.

The quartic interactive smooth bind was used once the controls were complete. Capsules were adjusted so that the skin didn’t deform in an unusual manner.

No motion paths were used. Everything was keyframed/posed.

Disclaimer: This project was done solely for educational and non-commercial purposes. Pokemon is a trademark of Nintendo. Textures used were of public domain. Miscellaneous objects were found here (palm tree, chair) and here (pokeball).