CE #10: Keyframing & Animation

“animate an axe hitting a target similar to the “Throwing an Axe” exercise in Chapter 8: Introduction to Animation (Introducing Autodesk Maya 2014, Derakhshani)”

Ease-in, Ease-outI did attempt to put an ease-in at the beginning of the anticipation and ease-out at the end, right before it makes contact with the target

Reference Video
I watched the reference video first and created a motion path before looking over the actual exercise in the book. It wasn’t until I ran into problems with orientation did I look through the book for some guidance on how to fix them, and also for the timing (my axe moved a lot slower in the playblast, so it didn’t convey the mass and velocity I wanted it to with the original timing I had). Animation Principle Description Anticipation When the axe is moving back Second Motion When the axe gets slightly rotated in the z-axis Follow-through The handle of the axe has a little bit initially from the anticipation movement, and the target does when the axe hits it (Attempted) Timing Timing is still kind of off, I think. I wanted the axe to look heavier – maybe exaggerating the rotation by translating in the axe the y-axis accordingly might have helped more Arcs The backwards motion and forwards motion are both in arcs