Proj #2: “You have your cheekbones!”

Head MB File
“Model your own head.”

Process Comments
Preliminary I went through parts of Modeling A Female Character for Animation in Maya to have a better understanding of one of the ways to model a head. Also, I took reference images.
Head I followed the tutorial along kind of closely to keep my topology from going crazy. It started off with a cube (2x3x2) and shaped it roughly around the head. Removed the left-half, and duplicated special the right half. From there, I focused on the eyes, nose, then mouth. Mostly extruding, splitting, and inserting loops.
Eyes The eyes took me the longest time. I could never get it to line up properly. Again, it was mostly extruding and inserting edge loops where the creases needed to be. My eyes are not as aesthetically pleasing as the tutorial’s – the underside was baggier, and the overall shape differed a bit. Because I had to diverge from the tutorial, the tear duct was a pain. And it’s such a tiny detail! I really shouldn’t have spent that much time on it.
Lips Lips were fairly simple in comparison to the eyes. Extruded the faces, scaled them vertically until they sort of met, and then translated them into the head. The extra faces were deleted. From there, it was more inserting edge loops and making sure the polygons kept together.
Nose The nose was a matter of adding extra loops and reshaping the existing one so that I could extrude the faces into the nose.
Eyebrows/Eyelashes Followed the tutorial for this (but didn’t texture them to anything fancy).
The eyebrow started off as a cube and was extruded to get the segments and shape. The head polygon was made live so that I could translate the eyebrow back to the face while maintaining how it would look if it was projected unto the head polygon.
Eyelash was extruding most of the faces around the eyes and transforming the edge vertices to curl.
These were both mirrored to get the left side.
Ears Like the tutorial, started off with a cube. The cube was shaped accordingly, and the front faces were deleted. The edges were scaled in, then extruded again to be scaled, and translated to the left to create the image of the inner canal. Several loops were inserted to try and get the general shape of the ear and ear lobe. The back face was extruded and scaled down. The scaled down face was deleted, and the matching faces on the head as well. The vertices on the ear didn’t match up the amount on the head, so some vertices on the ear were snapped together and merged. Afterwards, the 6 vertices on the ear were connected to the 6 on the face. Some rotation and translation was done to the ear after the merging so it would look somewhat more natural.
Neck Six faces the bottom of the head were deleted, and their edges extruded down. The neck was then shaped from the extruded polygons.
Hair Hair was a cop out – a bunch of curves lofted to create the plane. I tried playing with the Hair System, but Maya crashed…several times.
Shaders Both the lips and skin used the MISSS Fast Skin Shader.
The hair is a lambert with a ramp shader as its color input.
The eyes are a blinn with a ramp shader as its color input with fractals to get the pupil and iris.
The eyebrows are a lambert with a slightly translucent black color.
The tutorial made it easier for me to keep my topology fairly clean. I’m not…really sure that it looks like me…but, according to a friend, my cheekbones are well represented.
I would have liked to play with the hair system more though, and creating a UV texture for the skin rather than using the MISSS Fast Skin Shader.