CE #4: Computer Monitor

“model a computer monitor using various different tools available in Maya”
Tool Description
Extrude The monitor face is extruded back. The stand is extruded from the cylinder.
Bevel Most of the edges used bevel to appear a little bit smoother.
Interactive Split Tool Used to create extra edges on the portion of the stand where the hole exists.
Insert Edge Loop Tool Used on the stand to create extra edges.
Offset Edge Loop Tool Used on the monitor front to create extra edges in order to extrude the face back.
Merge A lot of the vertices were merged on the cylinder/stand near the beginning of it.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I probably should’ve used the wedge tool to get the curve on the bottom of the stand. Completely went over my head…it would have made that part a lot easier on me. I also tried using the poke face tool on the stand to create the hole, but it was just a lot easier with the interactive edge tool, since the edges stayed uniformed better once I started moving vertices around.