CE #2: Solar System (Final)

“animate & playblast a solar system whose planets and moons rotate on its y-axis, the moons around its corresponding planet, and then everything around the sun at different speeds. also, reshape at least 3 planets to accentuate their rotation.”
Planet Speed Extra Transformation
Mercury Rotate Y: 3240 N/A
Venus Rotate Y: 2880 Scale X: 2
Earth Rotate Y: 2520 N/A
Mars Rotate Y: 2160 N/A
Jupiter Rotate Y: 1800 Scale Y: 0.25
Saturn Rotate Y: 1440 N/A
Uranus Rotate Y: 1080 Scale X, Y, & Z: 3
Neptune Rotate Y: 720 N/A
Pluto Rotate Y: 360 N/A


Textures used are from JHT’s Planetary Pixel Emporium